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McDowell Associates, as part of its mission to help clients manage risk and improve security, provides cyber security consultants who specialize in the identification and mitigation of weaknesses and vulnerabilities in diverse technical environments, using structured security and network engagement methodologies to safely test the security of IT systems through simulated attacks that are completed in a safe environment.


 We are continually researching emerging threats, testing new intrusion techniques and developing effective counter measures to malicious activities. Constant vigilance enables us to provide our clients with exceptional security.

Our Consultants


Our consultants do not simply scan for issues. Instead, we utilize a number of techniques that find system weaknesses and vulnerabilities, at the network and application level, that typical scanning would overlook. Depending on the type of consultanting engagement, we will test for over 35k+  vulnerabilities, complete an application level review for weaknesses based on logic flow, attempt multiple methods to gain unauthorized access to your environment and scrutinize your technical systems and security processes for flaws using a combination of publicly available tools, McDowell Associates customized manual tests and proprietary tools.



McDowell Associates LLC. has dedicated itself to providing its clients with secure technical environments via our expert security analysts which enable organizations to protect their networks, information assets and reputations. Some of the benefits that can be realized by investing in an ethical hacking review of your technical environment include :


  • Improved organizational understanding of risk and mitigation for accessible networks and applications.

  • Earlier recognition of attacks and stronger defense against them.

  • Development of effective mitigation strategies based on your specific environment.

  • Reduction in web application development security flaws.

  • Ability to prioritize security initiatives based upon risk.

  • Reduced risk of service interruptions and security breaches.

  • Identification and elimination of potential points of unauthorized access.

  • Enhanced data protection methods.

  • Implement technical and procedural changes to improve the security infrastructure.


 Read more about our comprehensive security consultanting on our services Page.

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